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Application of Industrial Computer in Urban Rail Transit Automation System

Time:2022-05-07 13:42:24
Application of Industrial Computer in Urban Rail Transit Automation System

Project Introduction

Urban Rail Transit has been widely recognized as a safe, comfortable, fast, punctual, and environmentally-friendly large-capacity passenger transportation. As an indispensable part of the integrated automation system of Urban Rail Transit, the Automatic Fare Collection System(AFC) is an important symbol to reflect and measure the informationization level of rail transit. Automatic Fare Gate can provide automatic ticket checking for stations, wharfs, subways and other entrances and exits with large passenger flow. It’s fast, simple, safe and reliable.

Equipment requirements

The gate is the necessary passage connecting the station hall and the platform. When boarding, passengers need to use a one-way ticket, IC card or mobile phone payment code to scan on the electronic sensor of the gate. The gate will automatically open. Then the passengers can get off to the platform. When leaving, passengers using one-way tickets need to put the tickets into the gate, while passengers with IC cards need to scan on the electronic sensor again, and the ones using the mobile payment code need to scan the QR code. Then, the tickets will be automatically deducted and the gate will be automatically opened.

The automatic collection gate system integrates computer technology, information technology, mobile payment technology, electronic technology, and mechanical manufacturing, with strong artificial intelligence function. It can overcome the inherent shortcomings of low speed, many financial loopholes, high error rate, and high labor intensity for manual ticket sales and inspection mode. It is superior in preventing fake tickets, eliminating favors, preventing staff from cheating, improving management level, reducing labor intensity, and improving efficiency.



1. Fast transmission

The gate main control EFIC-1000JA is with Intel Bay trail series, up to 8GB memory, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 2Gb/s transmission rate. It’s interconnected with the upper central management machine, transmitting the relevant data information to the central computer room, so as to realize the solution of automatic charging, automatic settlement, and automatic account distribution.

2. Comprehensive statistics by connecting multiple devices

The machine is with rich I/O interfaces, to connect the multiple devices of the gate system, such as non-contact card readers, alarm devices, subway gates, photoelectric sensors, etc. Then we can get comprehensive statistics, and ensure the data timeliness.

3. Stable and reliable

It has unique advantages in configuration flexibility, security, environmental adaptability, expansion and extensibility, customer service, etc., meeting the requirements of the automatic ticket checking system for the stability, reliability, and fluency of industrial computers.

Product Features:

1.  Aluminum Alloy Shell, hard anode sandblasting oxidation treatment, scratch resistance

2.  Intel Bay trail j1900 2.0GHz Fanless configuration

3.  2*Gigabit Ethernet ports, Wake on LAN and PXE supported

4.  4*COM (RS232/R485 optional), 1*WiFi / Bluetooth/4G optional

5.  Wide voltage DC 12V~24V power input

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