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Waterproof Industrial PC

Fanless, wide voltage, wide temperature design. Industrial-Grade display panels for embedded. Durable M12/SP13 Locking I/O connectors. Multi Ports For Option, VGA/LAN/USB/COM. IP67 / IP68 / IP69K Certifications.
WPC series waterproof industrial computer, with IP67/IP68/IP69K protection grade housing, and with M12 and SP13 connectors, can effectively prevent the entry of washing water and dust. Flexible M12 connector I/O options, including HDMI/USB/RS232/RJ45/GPIO/WIFI, etc., which can ensure connectivity and compatibility. With VESA mounting, the computer can be quickly and safely attached to the stand, which is widely used in marine sailboats, medical equipment, wet production equipment, food industry, chemical manufacturing and other outdoor applications.
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