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Application of Embedded Industrial Computer in Management System of Unattended Parking Lot

Time:2022-07-29 15:01:30
Application of Embedded Industrial Computer in Management System of Unattended Parking Lot

Industry Status: 

With the deep integration of advanced technologies such as 5G, big data, and the Internet of Things with social development, the establishment of a data-driven modern traffic management system has become an important part of smart city construction. The ever-increasing number of motorized land has increased the pressure on road traffic and parking lot managers. Especially in the traditional parking lot management, manual on-duty and manual charging are often used, which is prone to problems such as slow access, unreasonable charging, and difficult to find parking spaces. In this context, the use of scientific and technological means to vigorously develop the intelligent transformation of traditional parking lots is getting louder and louder. Once the "unattended" smart parking plan was proposed, it was quickly implemented in many places. The management system is to identify the vehicles entering and leaving the site, replace the setting of the post with centralized management and control, and replace the manual charging with mobile payment. This is conducive to the realization of card-free charging and unattended; it can effectively simplify the user's parking process, reduce the cost of management personnel, and improve the utilization rate and economic benefits of the parking lot.


System Composition :

The unattended parking lot is mainly composed of the license plate recognition system at the entrance and exit, the on-site management system, and the charging system. The license plate recognition system integrating computer vision, pattern recognition, digital image processing and other technologies, under the coordination and cooperation of integrated high-definition cameras, embedded computer hardware platforms, communication components, etc. analysis. This can not only identify the unique license plate number of each vehicle, so as to complete automatic timing and billing, and interconnect with the on-site management system and charging system. And the rapid passage of vehicles can be completed without the need for personnel on-duty registration.

System Requirement: 

The operating environment of the unattended parking lot management system is complex, requiring uninterrupted and efficient operation throughout the day, and real-time data input and output and data interaction; the industrial computer is required to meet the requirements of strong computing power, good durability, and rapid signal processing of various functions. In addition, the unattended parking lot management system requires multiple lanes to enter and exit, which requires the industrial computer to have a flexible I/O interface.



EFIC-2000XA adopts high-performance, low-power Intel Atom X6425E series processors; Supports 3 Gigabit Ethernet/WIFI/4G/5G networks; Supports 10 USB ports, 4 RS232/RS485 serial ports; Onboard DDR4 memory supports maximum 32G; Support SATA and M.2 storage. This can meet the access requirements of peripherals such as cameras, card readers, charging terminals, and printers; it can also efficiently complete functions such as license plate recognition, storage, vehicle billing, and payment, realize comprehensive statistics on data, and ensure data timeliness and 24 Hours of continuous and reliable operation.

Product Features:

1. All aluminum alloy structure, shock resistance, dustproof and high temperature resistance

2. Intel Atom X6425E 2.0GHz fanless configuration

3. 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports support Wake-on-LAN and PXE boot

4. I/O such as COM, USB, GPIO, CAN can be selected

5. Support encrypted onboard TPM2.0 module

6. Support wide voltage DC 9V~36V power input

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